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Decorating Your Apartment For Fall! - Date 08/21/2019

child playing in the leaves

With the arrival of fall comes the opportunity to redecorate your apartment to match this wonderful time of year. Below are some tips to help make the transition from summer to fall quick and easy.

Look to the Leaf!
Add oranges & reds to the décor in the living room or bathroom. Deep colors including; browns, maroons, along with touches of green hues (use a photo of a fall leaf for inspiration) can bring the fall season to life inside your apartment.

Fill it up: Fill empty jars and vases with colorful leaves, acorns and decorative branches that you find around the apartment complex. This will help beautify your shelves or table tops. This is an easy DIY project for the kids to help with too!

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Refreshing Italian Ices For Residents! - Date 08/21/2019

Italian Ices

Italian Ices  •  Wednesday August 28th  •  6:30pm  •  1st Floor Lounge

Cool off with a selection of Italian Ices available in all sorts of colors and flavors. While supplies last.